26 Hours on the R2R2R

Reading Time: 3 minutes Man, that one hurt. Do not underestimate the canyon. The traditional rim-to-rim-to-rim (R2R2R) trail consists of 44 miles and 11,000 ft of vertical gain/loss (equates to a little over 900 flights of stairs) South Kaibab โ†’ North Rim โ†’ South Kaibab. Leaving South Rim around 5am, the sheer force of … learn more26 Hours on the R2R2R

Running: A Field Guide

Reading Time: 18 minutes The First Mile โ€œIf you find yourself hating running and quitting early, just keep at it. Running takes time to be enjoyable. Itโ€™s not a surgical strike; itโ€™s a war of attrition.โ€ –Matthew Inman I used to hate running. To be honest, sometimes I still do. For the first 18 … learn moreRunning: A Field Guide

The Banality of Bread

Reading Time: 5 minutes White, rye, flat, banana, corn, cakes, croissants, donuts, ciabatta, garlic, muffins, multi-grain, and while we’re at it what about, bagels, biscuits, breadsticks, baguettes, and brioche. It’s all bread, well…sorta-kinda. And if you didn’t know, we eat a lot of it (somewhere around 53lbs per year). Let’s play a nonsensical game … learn moreThe Banality of Bread


Reading Time: 13 minutes Positioning The competence required to read a room has never been a markedly polished skill for me. Rather than focusing on the environment between four walls, my brain typically falls into default mode somewhere between unnecessarily dissecting dozens of past events and catastrophizing incoherent future scenarios, creating a fun little … learn morePositioning

Strategic Productivity

Reading Time: 8 minutes May 16ย ยทย 9ย min read “oh man, I can’t wait to work from home – this is going to be GREAT.” 7:00am: *wake up* 7:05am: *check phone/calendar – see nothing* 7:30-9:30am: *drink a full pot of coffee* 10:30am: *talk about what I’m going to do today with caffeine induced confidence* 12:00-7:00pm: *eat, … learn moreStrategic Productivity