Dear Kobe,

Reading Time: 5 minutes On a day like today, I find it hard to believe that everything happens for a reason. To try and say that the planet will be better off without you alive – that this was supposed to happen, makes no sense. What you were able to accomplish in forty-one years … learn moreDear Kobe,

Maybe We Shouldn’t Aim for the Stars

Reading Time: 5 minutes Most everyone has had to painfully sit through a lecture from a teacher, manager, or self-help guru, explaining different strategies on how to successfully set goals. Some of the more popular plans include SMART goals, Balanced Scorecards, and the creatively named— BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). Different types goals and success plans can be found just about … learn moreMaybe We Shouldn’t Aim for the Stars

Seek a Calling

Reading Time: 4 minutes dariankrey – Jan 8 · 4 min read Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and Bill Gates. All wildly successful entrepreneurs. Often portrayed as some of America’s heroes, they have a celebrity type status leading to roles on tv shows and even making appearances in Marvel movies. We constantly see them being put on … learn moreSeek a Calling

Why Habits Are the Most Valuable Piece of Your Life

Reading Time: 4 minutes Charles Duhigg, author of the New York Times best seller, The Power of Habit proclaims “There’s nothing you can’t do if you get the habits right.” Many will dismiss this statement as an impossibility, quickly conjuring up dozens of ideas and tasks that they would never be able to do. While I do believe … learn moreWhy Habits Are the Most Valuable Piece of Your Life